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Snail Mail - Tyrant Legions at:
5512 McCulloch Avenue
Temple City, CA 91780 USA


Press Reviews

Tyrant-King of Kings (Art of Music/Brainstorm Division) Release date 10/31/96

One of the fucking heaviest bands of the 80s US metal scene was California's Tyrant. With two kickass records on Metal Blade, the band suddenly disappeared overnight when thrash metal became "hip" leaving me to believe they'd never be heard from again, that is til now!!! Denis Gulbey of Sentinel Steel magazine said this wasn't anything special but I went ahead with my trust and took my chances. Outcome? You're fucking beyond deaf, Gulbey (but still a fellow metal brother!) This is killer fucking dark and doomy power/heavy metal that seems to have left off right where their last album ended. Very bass heavy tracks ala Iron Maiden and Dio-era Sabbath sounds tell you this isn't any melodic metal sap. This shit totally burns from start to finish! Always godly guitarist Rocky Rockwell still pours out leads from the grave and vocalist Glen May still sounds like he's possessed by the fucking devil himself. Man, I'm soooooooo happy to see Tyrant back on board the metal scene and the re-release of their earlier two records on CD (I wanted to put them out myself for a long time) is just the icing on the heavy metal cake. There's even unreleased tracks on them as well. Write the Tyrant Legions at: 5512 McCulloch Avenue, Temple City, CA 91780 USA for more info and tell 'em King "Battle of Armaggedon" Fowley sent ya ! 80's metal never sounded so good in the 90's!!! RATING: 10 FUCKING PLUS!

By: King Fowley appeared in Stay True, Stay Ugly, and Stay Underground No. 8

Tyrant-Legions of the Dead (Banzai)

They look like they just rose from the dead and come across like Sabbath on glue. They're young andstrong contenders for your next black metal fave band. They're not just a bunch of studs posing in leather, either.

The vocal's snarl like a Doberman gargling glass and the guitar parts combine CanAm speed with crushing power chords. Warriors of Metal goes through your brain like a laser, while Time is Running Low stomps through your speakers like a dinosaur on heavy, heavy downers. Screamer Glen May gets off a big order of Halford-esque screeching but thankfully, the Tipton/Downing leads are kept to a minimum. Those guys have been ripped off enough already. The balance between heavy and fast is kept up admirably throughout the record, which makes it a bit more listenable than the usual boring Satanic lyrics. Tyrant's music is more like a soundtrack for a Stephen King movie than that out-and-out devil stuff. The songs generally build from an eerie beginning to a mindblowing climax, just the way movie soundtrack might. Listen to this stuff in the dark and you just might scare yourself. Tyrant may not evacuate your neighborhood but they've earned every poisoned inch of their leather'n'studs.

Rating: Keep it up front

by Marilyn Bajus appeared in Metallion issue 8 '85/86

Tyrant-Too Late to Pray (Metal Blade)

Description: Aggressive Metal

Best Cuts: Too Late to Pray

Rating: Excellent

Totally killer straight forward metal!!! I'm really amayed with this L.P. These guys released an unimpressive debut some years ago, and it's easy to see they've been working hard at improving their sould. Almost every track on offer here is absolutely brilliant example of high energy metal. The album is basically Sabbath/early Priest influenced riffs, on some cuts played at an almost speed metal Motorhead pace. Combine that with slower crunchier heavier numbers, some mid paced grinders, even some excellent acoustic guitar. Speaking of guitar, Rocky Rockwell excels throughout showing a heavy Tony Iommi influence. Glen May is a unique vocalist, mmid ranged but incorporating some high blood curdling screams. If you want a great metal LP, that doesn't lean towards the thrash or the commercial side, then check this out. You'll be headbanging from start to finish.

by Mike Smith appeared in Powerline

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